“Traditional clinical criteria are insufficient for determining sites of active disease, for monitoring the response to therapy, or for measuring the degree of susceptibility to future disease progression. Salivaomics includes five diagnostic alphabets proteins, mRNAs, miRNAs, metabolic compounds, and microbes offering substantial advantages because disease states may be accompanied by detectable changes. Salivaomics, the future of saliva-based techniques for early diagnosis of diseases, is promising and may offer a robust alternative for clinicians to use in the near future to make clinical decisions”

Salivaomic diagnostics is a proposed method of using various biomarkers in saliva as a non-invasive approach for a prognosis and a diagnosis of health’s condition, diseases, cell ageing, vitamin-deficiency and sport performance according to an individual. With our latest state-of-the-art technology, our saliva diagnostic method has overcome disadvantages and provide the service and analysis to our customers with high accuracy (compared to blood analysis) and satisfaction: