Company : AVS Innovation Co., Ltd.
Title : PHUM PHLAI SPRAY (Muscle Pain Relief Spray From Phlai Microcapsules)
Awards : Gold Medal for the invention and Top 10 best invention award, The 5th International Invention Innovation Competition In Canada, iCAN 2020

This Muscle Pain Relief Spray is invented with active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) extracted from Thai traditional herb, Phlai, that is known for its recognition for anti-inflammation and pain relief. The API from Phlai is identified as (E)-4(3′,4′-dimethoxyphenyl)but-3-en-1-ol which is responsible for its high pharmacological activities on the anti-inflammation and muscle pain relief (myalgia). Our clinical studies indicate that this API could be used as an effective reagent for osteoarthritis and muscle pain through the short-time reducing of inflammation. (E)-4(3′,4′-dimethoxyphenyl)but-3-en-1-ol extracted from Phlai is prepared as microcapsules using the microencapsulation technique which sustained release of the active compound over 6 hours on the treated area. The active compound is formulated as PHUM PHLAI SPRAY, a cooling and soothing spray for those who suffer from muscle pain (myalgia) and osteoarthritis.