Company : Wellness life Co., Ltd. (Innovated by AVS Innovation Co., Ltd.)
Title : KAO VEE PLUS, Probiotic Fermented Houttuynia cordata for Diabetes
Award : SILVER MEDAL for the invention, The 5th International Invention Innovation Competition In Canada, iCAN 2020

Houttuynia cordata has been used as a traditional medicine for treating with diabetes in Thailand. Although there are a number of studies indicate anti – inflammatory, oxidative stress, anti–oxidant and anti–viral properties of H. Cordata, a little research information is on the use for diabetes. We have demonstrated that H. Cordata extracts obtained from the fermentation with selected probiotics exhibits the significant upregulation of glucose transporter type 4 in steptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Therefore, KAO VEE PLUS which the active ingredient from probiotic fermented H. Cordata may contribute the beneficial role for the treatment of diabetes.