Biomolecular transdermal technology is an emerging platform for drug and nutraceutical delivery. This has been identified as an alternative approach to conventional dosage forms. These biomolecules are considered to be convenient to swallow, self-administrable, and fast dissolving dosage form, all of which make it as a versatile platform for drug delivery. This delivery system has been used for both systemic and local action via several routes such as oral, buccal, sublingual, ocular, and transdermal routes.

Advantages of biomolecular transdermal technology as an emerging dosage form are as followed.

⦁ The biomolecules dissolve rapidly than other conventional dosage forms
⦁ The biomolecules are less friable and easy to carry dosage form compared to commercialized orally fast disintegrating tablets, which need special packaging
⦁ Biomolecular transdermal delivery systems are described as a promising choice for topical and transdermal drug delivery as it causes no skin irritation and no obstruction on sweat ducts
⦁ There are no limitations on application of thin films since it can be applied on any curved areas